Hanging Gift Card

30mil PVC plastic stock ( same as a typical credit card )

Plastic Hanging Gift Cards are a proven way to increase sales for all types of businesses. On average, the sale of custom gift cards alone increases revenue by as much as 20%.  Father’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Holidays and Birthdays, just about ANY day can be a bit more special with a Plastic Gift Card from your store or business. The Hanging Gift Card provides a convenient tab on top with a hole so that you can display your Gift Cards on a rack where they are easily seen by your customers.  Both the gift giver and the receiver play a role in making your business improve its bottom dollar. When a gift giver purchases a plastic gift card it makes instant revenue for the store selling the card, even though they are not redeemed immediately. Occasionally plastic gift cards go unused by the recipient, but the results to the business are always increased profits.

Factorymart makes Plastic Gift Cards for any application. Some of the options available with your gift cards are Barcodes, Variable Data, Scratch-offs and Signature panels.

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